Surfing is a popular water sport that has been growing rapidly in popularity, with more people in the water resulting in more injuries. Although compared with other sports, surfing is relatively safe, contact with the surfboard, rocks, coral, or sand causes most injuries. Surfing injuries can be minimised by being aware of its possible causes, familiarising yourself with surfing etiquette, and most importantly, conditioning your body and mind before riding the waves.

Common Injuries

  • Knee injuries- MCL
  • Lacerations like cuts and scrapes
  • Sprains
  • Dislocations and fractures
  • Swimmer’s ear and surfer’s ear
  • Ankle injuries
  • Back injuries


    3D Mechanics Assessment

  • Biomechanics + kinematics analysis
  • Upper + lower body muscle testing
  • Muscle length testing
  • Agility + balance testing
  • Reaction time assessment
  • Baseline concussion assessment
  • Fitness screening
  • Sensory perception and peripheral vision testing

PREPARE + Optimize

18, 24, or 30 sessions performance training programs Private Sessions with Sports Physiotherapist + Sports Scientist + Strength and Conditioning Coach + Sports Psychologist + Sports Nutritionist

  • Strengthen surfer’s upper and lower body
  • Strengthen surfer’s core
  • Increase coordination and balance
  • Increase endurance + stamina
  • Reduce risk of hips, knees, ankle injuries
  • Reduce risk of surgery and long-term injuries
  • Improve movement efficiency
  • Increase core strength
  • Improve mobility, stability and balance
  • Improve focus, rhythm +coordination via brain training
  • Improve endurance + stamina
  • Improve eye hand coordination, sensory perception and reaction time via sensory training
  • Customised Dietary Recommendations
  • Anxiety and Stress Coping Strategies


  • Warm-up, cool down
  • Static and Dynamic stretching
  • Strengthening, Pilates
  • Mobility, Stability and Balance Training
  • Proprioceptive and Plyometric training


  • Pain Management
  • Mobility and Flexibility Training
  • Strengthening Training
  • Adjunct Therapy like Taping, Dry Needling,Cupping, Manual Therapy
  • Plyometrics


Pro Recovery Formula

  • Steam+ Sauna+ Pneumatic compression + Cryotherapy + Mobility Session
  • Break up muscular adhesions
  • Improve range of motion
  • Reduce soreness and inflammation
  • Increase flexibility
  • Improve lymphatic drainage


A sophisticated incorporation of high end software and technologies for above mentioned assessment and performance enhancement are as follows:

  • Isokinetic Dynamometer
  • Kinetisense
  • Force Plate
  • Gait ON
  • Sauna Bath
  • Steam Bath
  • Game Ready
  • EMG
  • VO 2 Max
  • Hyperbaric Chamber