A Program in which student is expected to conduct actual practice of physiotherapy and health care and acquire skills under supervision so that he/she may become capable of functioning independently.
A candidate is expected to conduct actual Physiotherapy practice, with fair independence in clinical decision making in low risk cases where as to work under supervision at high risk areas; so that at the end of training he/ she is capable to practice Physiotherapy independently.
The Internship program shall mainly focus on acquisition of specific skills listed in the major areas of training by ―hands on experience & also on ability to conduct a seminar.

Internship Program

  • Timings: 9 A.M To 6P.M
  • Days: Monday To Saturday

General Objectives

At the end of programme, the candidate shall be able to:

  • Detect & evaluate Anatomical, Patho-physiological, & Psycho-somatic impairments resulting in Dysfunction of movement of all the athletes, sports domains & arrive at the appropriate Physical & Functional diagnosis.
  • Understand the rationale & basic investigative approach to the Sports Injury intervention regimens & accordingly plan & implement specific Physiotherapeutic measures effectively or make a timely decision for referral to appropriate specialty.
  • Develop skills to work with latest technologies in sports science in order to get quantifiable data and evidence based practice.
  • Develop adjunct therapy skills like dry needling, taping, cupping etc.
  • Recovery Techniques Therapy and incorporating for acute management.
  • Demonstrate skill to promote Health in general as well as competitive level, such as sports, work productivity, etc. and keeping in mind National and state level Health policies.
  • Develop skill to function as an essential member in co-partnership of the health team organized to deliver the health & welfare services in existing Sports Science Department.
  • Develop communication skill for purpose of transfer of suitable techniques to be used creatively at various stages of treatment, compatible with the psychological status of the beneficiary & skill to motivate the client & his family to religiously carry out prescribed home exercise programme & compliance to follow ergonomic advice given as a preventive / adoptive measure.


  • There will be total of 48 hours Program period.
  • Schedule will be divided into theory and practical classes.
  • Printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book.
  • Students must work under supervision of qualified registered physiotherapist.
  • Duration in different discipline can be changed/modified by the head of the Centre for Sports Science, Sree Kanteerava Stadium, Bengaluru as per requirements in some special situations.
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Internship Schedule

Candidate shall be posted to Rotational Clinical assignments of total 1 week, including administrative skills pertaining to Physiotherapy practice & a scientific seminar of 2 hours at the end of the week.

Scientific Seminar

During the Program, candidate shall undertake a scientific seminar at the end of the week. Scientific seminar may include case study, case presentation, assignment, camp, public awareness programme.


During the rotational posting, student shall undertake skills of using the latest technologies, software’s, maintaining administrative records & maintenance of equipment’s.