Common Injuries

  • Low Back Pain, Spondylolysis, SI Joint Dysfunction, Disc Herniation, Intercostal muscular strains, Rib Stress Fractures, Costochondritis, Costovertebral Joint Subluxation, Shoulder Pain, Exertional Compartment Syndrome, De Quervain’s Syndrome, Tenosynovitis of wrist extensors, Patellofemoral Pain, ITB Syndrome, etc.
  • Lower Extremity and Trunk :

    These are mostly due to Overuse, Poor Stroke Technique, Decreased Rotator Cuff or Scapular Muscle Strength etc.

  • Torso and Abdominal Injuries :

    Increased Respiratory demands, Hip Muscle Imbalances, Excessive Hyperflexion/twisting force to the Lumbar Region etc.

  • Lower Limb Injuries : Decreased Hip Strength, Altered Rotatory stability, overtraining, decreased flexibility in lower limb are some of the contributing factors that makes the rowers prone to injuries.


  • Movement Analysis : Biomechanics + Kinematics of paddling the oar
  • Functional Movement Screening
  • Musculoskeletal Screening
  • Analysis of Drag Force, Paddle Force
  • Upper extremity muscle testing
  • Strength, Explosiveness testing
  • Reaction Time and Coordination assessment
  • Kinematic Analysis of the phases (Catch, Drive, Finish & Recover) of Rowing


18, 24, or 36 sessions performance training programs Private Sessions with Sports Physiotherapist + Sports Scientist + Strength and Conditioning Coach + Sports Psychologist + Sports Nutritionist

  • Increase Strength of Upper Body
  • Increase Muscular Endurance
  • Reduce likelihood of non-contact soft tissue injuries
  • Improve movement efficiency
  • Improve Hamstring to Quadriceps Ratio
  • Strength Program for Deep Abdominal Stabilizers, Glutes Activation
  • Improve ankle, knee & hip mobility
  • Increase Core Strength & Rotator Cuff Strengthening
  • Improve Eye hand coordination via cognitive training
  • Anxiety and Stress Coping Strategies
  • Personalized Dietary Recommendations


  • Thrower’s Ten Program for Shoulder
  • Strengthening exercises for Core and Leg
  • Upper and Lower Body Plyometrics
  • Warm Up and Cool Down


  • Pain Reduction with Manual Therapy, TENS, IFT, US, LASER, etc.
  • Adjuncts Therapies including Taping, Cupping, Dry Needling, etc.


Game Ready + Sauna Therapy + Steam Bath + Active Recovery Sessions

  • Static Stretching for improved flexibility
  • Improve range of motion
  • Reduce muscle soreness


A sophisticated incorporation of high end software and technologies for above mentioned assessment and performance enhancement are as follows:

  • Isokinetic Dynamometer
  • Kinetisense
  • Force Plate
  • Gait ON
  • Sauna Bath
  • Steam Bath
  • Game Ready
  • EMG
  • VO 2 Max
  • Hyperbaric Chamber