Marathon Training



  • Patellofemoral Syndrome, Plantar Fasciitis, Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome, Back Pain, Tendinopathies, Tibial Stress Syndrome, Shin splints, Stress Fracture of Spine, Meniscal Injuries, etc.
  • Lower Extremity and Trunk: Poor Running Pattern, Muscular Imbalances, Improper Fitted Shoe, etc. can lead to altered symmetry resulting in chronic problems.


  • 3D biomechanics + kinematics of Running (stance phase + swing phase)
  • Upper body + Arm mechanics analysis
  • Upper + lower body muscle testing
  • Foot mapping + Gait and Running Analysis
  • Centre of Pressure
  • Aerobic Capacity (VO2 max testing)
  • Sensory perception and Reaction Time testing
  • Strength, Endurance, Explosiveness + Flexibility testing
  • Podiatric Assessment
  • Speed & Acceleration assessment
  • Ground Reaction Force


12, 24, or 36 sessions performance training programs Private Sessions with Sports Physiotherapist + Sports Scientist + Strength and Conditioning Coach + Sports Psychologist + Sports Nutritionist

  • Increase Leg and Core Muscle Strength
  • Power Start and acceleration training
  • Improve Explosive Power and Speed
  • Improve Ankle, Knee, Hip and Back Mobility
  • Improve movement efficiency
  • Increase muscle efficacy, flexibility + strength
  • Improve reaction time via cognitive training
  • Anxiety and Stress Coping Strategies
  • Personalized Dietary Recommendations
  • Improve Muscular Endurance
  • Pressure Gradient Training


  • Proprioception Training
  • Alfredson’s Exercises for Ankle
  • Core Strengthening
  • Lower Body Plyometrics
  • Nordic and Reverse Nordic Drills
  • Flexibility training for Hams, ITB, etc.
  • Warm Up and Cool Down


  • Pain Reduction with Manual Therapy, TENS, IFT, US, LASER, etc.
  • Adjuncts Therapies including Taping, Cupping, Dry Needling, etc.


Game Ready + Sauna Therapy + Steam Bath + Active Recovery Sessions

  • Static Stretching for improved flexibility
  • Improve range of motion
  • Reduce muscle soreness
  • Improve mobility of Spine + extremity of joints
  • Active Recovery

A sophisticated incorporation of high end software and technologies for above mentioned assessment and performance enhancement are as follows: ​


  • Isokinetic Dynamometer
  • Kinetisense
  • Force Plate
  • Gait ON
  • Sauna Bath
  • Steam Bath
  • Game Ready
  • EMG
  • VO 2 Max
  • Hyperbaric Chamber