Recover Faster


World-class athletes, basketball players, football stars, and Olympians, rely on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) to improve their athletic performance.

Mild HBO therapy provides a highly effective way to increase the volume of oxygen in the blood and thus increase the many beneficial effects that oxygen has on the body. It allows the body to get the oxygen it needs to create ATP for energy and flush out the lactic acid that causes muscle fatigue. The elevated oxygen levels help athletes increase performance and recover more quickly after a workout. Increased oxygen delivery to the brain facilitates brain function, and enhances an athlete’s ability to make split-second decisions that could be a difference in the outcome of a game. Here are the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber :

  • Active Recovery
  • Healing & Treating Injuries
  • Concussion and TBI Treatment
  • Treating Compartment Syndrome
  • Boosting Performance
  • Increasing Mental Focus