3D Motion + Kinematic Analysis

3D Motion + Kinematic Analysis

Kinematic and Motion capture systems are used to obtain 3D human body kinematics (position, velocity, and acceleration) and force plate systems to obtain kinetic data (directly measured ground reaction force—GRF, and indirectly deduced joints’ moment and power), enabling the clinician to quantitatively evaluate, identify, and interpret the movement.

How it Benefits Sportspersons:

  • Kinematic measures have shown to be effective in capturing smaller changes in movement performance and quality that may be undetected with traditional clinical scales.
  • Asymmetry Analysis of Joint
  • Functional Movement like squat, lunge, single leg squat, etc analysis
  • Sports Specific Kinematic analysis of various sporting activities like throwing, bowling, serving, etc.
  • Posture Analysis

Performance Enhancement & Return to Sports:

  • Estimate the various angle of joint during motion.
  • Pre Rehabilitation and Post Rehabilitation comparison as well as Contralateral asymmetries comparison which plays a major role in determining the time period for Return to Sports.
  • Functional Pattern Training with the incorporation of sophisticated software