About The Sports

In the sports science world we drive an integrated approach combining Sports Biomechanics, Anthropometry, Physiology, Sports Psychology, Sports Nutrition,Sports Medicine, Kinesiology, Kinematic Analysis and where things are based on facts, research, validity and reliability measures, measurement, accuracy and evidence. It is often referred as a world of “evidence based practice”. We facilitate in Badminton, Cricket, Football, Tennis, Swimming, Squash, Basketball, Table Tennis, Athletics and etc.


To make the state-of-the art facilities and Sports Science available and affordable to all athletes irrespective of age, gender, fitness levels and socio-economic status.


Sports Science Center is a movement, an initiative for a better and an integrated platform to train the right way, motivate , and aspire the dreams of many.

Our Methodology
In Season / Off Season

The Center for Sports Science combines science, innovation and specialized training to suit each athlete’s individual needs. The one-size-fits-all approach to sports performance is outdated. Today, the best athletes and teams approach training based on the unique needs of each athlete, which vary according to sport and position within a sport.

Full Body Assessment

Up to 30 different parameters with multiple variations with sports

Goal Setting Consultation

With expert physiotherapist, data scientists & athlete’s coach team

Schedule Of Training

3-Days in a week, customized routines based on sports and athletes goal opting from Performance, Strenght & Injury


Seamless transition on the same device with physiotherapist intervention

Competition Monitoring

With specific training protocols & experts from performance enhancement

Quarterly Analysis

Track progress and update the program based on athletes’ need

High Performance & Training Program

Individualized, data-driven, integrated high-performance training for the sportsman in 30 official olympic and asian games.


The Center For Sports Science (CSS) provides a team of fully qualified, highly skilled coaches to deliver an unparalleled cricketing experience and provide the finest coaching programs.


The Center For Sports Science (CSS) provides with the goal of giving everyone access to high level squash coaching, regardless of their standard or geographic location


Recovery is all about using our power to change our beliefs that are based on faulty data.

State of the art technological assessments

Functional Movement Screening

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS), was developed to help clinicians and health care professions screen individuals for risk of injury and / or a dysfunctional or performance-limiting movement pattern.


Isokinetic and Force Plate

An isokinetic training routine is helpful for athletes and others overcoming injuries, as it often prevents re-injury of the muscle being worked.


3D Motion + Kinematic Analysis

Kinematic and Motion capture systems are used to obtain 3D human body kinematics .


Musculoskeletal Screening

A musculoskeletal screening involves gathering information about an individual’s injury history.


Gait & Podiatric Analysis

Gait analysis uncovers precisely how your body is moving. Every activity, even standing still, represents a unique movement pattern.


Cardiopulmonary & VO2 Max Screening

VO2 max, or maximal oxygen consumption, refers to the maximum amount of oxygen that an individual can utilize during intense or maximal exercise.